Play To Earn Game Similar To Farmville Town Star vs Farmville
Play To Earn Game Similar To Farmville: Town Star vs. Farmville
Play to Earn Game Similar to Farmville: Town Star vs. Farmville Town Star reward structures have changed recently. I will be updating the content below to match the currently reality. Please recognize that some content on this page is not accurate. Town Star is a play to earn game similar to Farmville. Town Star & Farmville Both: Are free to play Have a very similar game play premise Are created by the same Zynga Games team  The main difference is you can't earn money playing Farmville but you can earn money playing Town Star. Users literally play Town Star and earn real-life money, paid out daily or after a competition. Also, Town Star has more advanced game play, set of rules and features. So if you are looking for a play to earn game similar to Farmville, Town Star is your game. Can I Really Earn Money Playing Town Star? YES! When I first heard about Town Star I thought it was too good to be true to be able to earn real life money playing a video game. I didn't understand it. It seemed like another hook, line, and sinker to get me to play some stupid video game. As a result, I didn't really pay much attention to it. Months later... My friend on Discord told me that he earns real-life money playing Town Star. Once I understood how real this was, I immediately started kicking myself because I could have been earning a lot more money as an early player but lost out because I put it off. After my Discord conversation, I immediately went to my PC to see if could really earn money by playing Town Star. Is It Too Late For Me To Earn Money Playing Town Star? | Farmville vs. Town Star NO!...
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What Is The SoMee Social Platform? | Can I Really Earn Money On SoMee Social $SME?
Follow us on Twitter @realW3BT for the latest Blockchain/ Crypto TV Broadcast dates & times. What is SoMee Social & The $SME Token? SoMee Social (link) is a decentralized social media platform with it's own economic system. Apparently SoMee uses their $SME token to reward their users for social media activity such as posting, and liking posts (aka "upvoting"). SoMee also claims that their users' data is 100% private and in their control. Is SoMee Social & The $SME Token Legit Or A Scam? When I first heard about SoMee Social I wrote it off. I thought; "How can I earn money by using social media? That makes no sense." & "My information is really kept 100% private & in my control? Yeah right..." Some time passed and I heard a while later some positive feedback about the SoMee Social Platform & the $SME token. I decided to sign up and look into it a little bit further for myself. What I discovered shocked me! Can I Truly Earn Real Life Money On The SoMee Social Platform? YES! As it turns out, you actually are able to earn real-life money every day on SoMee by posting posts and liking other people's posts. (see image below) I posted a post on Tuesday February 7th, 2023 at 7:39 pm PST. As a result, by February 11th, 2023 at 11:47 am PST my post had produced earnings of $12.98 USD worth of $SME token. As of today (2/11/23), $SME is valued at $0.0002409. $12.98 in $SME token equals to 53,881 $SME tokens. $SME is incredibly undervalued right now. The SoMee team projects that the $SME token will be worth between $0.01 to $0.05 in the very near future. SoMee has just recently launched and have not even started marketing yet. You are getting...
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Pi Network
What is The Pi Network? | Is Pi Legit? | Is Pi Valuable? | Is Pi a Scam?
Follow us on Twitter @realW3BT for the latest Blockchain/ Crypto TV Broadcast dates & times. Protect yourself from USD inflation & mass money printing by reading: Beginner's Guide On How To Get Involved With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies What Is The Pi Network? The Pi Network is a blockchain-based digital currency platform developed by Stanford PhDs. There are currently over 10 million users (miners) that earn (mine) the Pi coins/tokens on their smartphones free of cost, free of privacy infringement and close to zero CPU, data & battery usage.  Pi coins/tokens are believed to have significant, real-life monetary value in the near future. Is Pi Legit Or A Scam? When I first heard about Pi I thought it was some sort of privacy scam. I didn't understand it. It seemed like another app that I would never use. I thought it was a waste of time, mobile data and battery life. As a result, I didn't participate. Months later... My friend who works at the grocery store told me that Pi is valuable similar to how Bitcoin is valuable. Once I understood it, I immediately started kicking myself. I felt like I totally missed out on a ground-level opportunity because you can only earn Pi for a very limited time, and will have to buy Pi coins/tokens on the market like other stocks and cryptocurrencies. I went to my car in the grocery store parking lot to start mining Pi on my phone. As I went through the process I realized I couldn't start mining because I didn't have an invitation code. I was locked out and couldn't even join the Pi Network. I had to go back inside the grocery store to ask my friend for the invitation code to join and earn. If I started mining Pi the first...
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How To Get Involved With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies | Beginner’s Guide #2
How To Get Involved With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies For GAINSBeginner's Guide #2: Earn Crypto With No Investments, Find Crypto Exchanges, Trade Crypto, & Trend WatchBookmark this page in your browser or text the URL to yourself.If you follow each step below and start implementing them, you will see success.Now that you have Coinbase and/or eToro from Beginner's Guide #1 it's time to make those investments work for you.Some cryptocurrencies are pennies on the dollar right now, but not for long.By the time you finish Step #3, you will know the types of tokens to buy that have a high probability of doubling, tripling or even 10X'ing in the near future.Follow the steps below:Step 1: Earn crypto with no investments- earn by getting likes & from platform usage.Step 2: Find trusted crypto exchanges- buy, sell, and exchange almost any cryptocurrency.Step 3: Follow trends to profit- follow @realW3BT on Twitter to stay ahead of the trading trends.Step 4: Trade crypto properly- learn how cryptocurrencies are paired. Step 1: Earn Crypto With No Investment On Your Part Pi Network and SoMee are two platforms you can earn crypto effortlessly by simply being a part of their network.1.) SoMee Social is a great place to earn crypto with no money from your pocket. You earn by getting likes. This is like the Facebook of the Blockchain world minus the privacy issues.You also get a free crypto wallet. Look how much I earned, and learn how you can earn on SoMee here.You can use this special link to sign up for free and get a booster pack found in your SoMee wallet section.When you are active on this platform now you will see large gains in the future.2.) Pi Network allows you to mine their currency for free on your phone.It does not violate privacy, take up...
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How To Get Started With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies | Beginner’s Guide #1
Beginner's Guide #1: How To Get Started With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies For GAINSNote: I no longer use Nexo because Nexo users do not have possession of their private keys.Please Skip Step #2Follow @realW3BT on Twitter.Hello! My name is Reese Irish, CEO of W3BT. I wrote this article to fully equip you to build wealth with crypto safely.As you're being equipped by going through the Steps below you will also make an immediate ~10% return on investment, earn 5%-12% daily compound interest on your crypto holdings, and get 6% back on every car, rent, & mortgage payment (if your lender allows debit cards to make payments) by using a crypto funded Visa Debit Card.For real.These are very powerful financial tools to help you build your wealth for the short and long term.We live in a brief window of time where you can earn big time with blockchain/crypto and the tools below are a "must-have" to get involved.With all of the uncertainties about inflation and the extra printing of USD, it's important to diversify with Gold/Silver (free guide) and Cryptocurrencies. This article will get you on the right track and ahead of the curve in the crypto/blockchain world.If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section below.How Do I Get Started?How Do I Adopt Blockchain & Crypto?Which Companies Do I Need To Get Involved With?It's simple, follow the 4 steps below (skip Step #2) and view the yellow price ticker running at the bottom of the screen as a reference to the cryptocurrencies I invest in & have interest in. You will need a bare minimum of $310 initial investment in order to get the immediate ~10% return as promised at the beginning of the article.Note: If you are using PayPal and/or RobinHood for crypto you don't have actual possession of cryptocurrency thus you...
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Eidoo: Blockchain Scalability Issues and the Solutions Offered by Layer 2 Protocols
Blockchain Scalability Issues and the Solutions Offered by Layer 2 Protocols At the dawn of the blockchain age, Layer 1 laid the foundation for what has become one of the revolutionary industries in this Millenium. Layer 1 is the underlying main blockchain architecture. Ethereum and Bitcoin chains are considered Layer 1 and although these chains kickstarted the blockchain industry into gear, evolution is inevitable. As a way to meet the needs of scalability, Layer 2 solutions were introduced. How does Layer 2 actually work? Built on top of the Layer 1 network, Layer 2 solutions rely on a server or a grouping of servers. These groupings of servers have different names depending on the project, but we will refer to them as node operators for this article. Node operators can be a business specifically aimed at validating information or a large group of individuals with a single intent. Node operators ensure speed, efficiency, and security of transactions. They have a vested interest in a project, or the incentives offered by the project are worthwhile. Transactions are not submitted to Layer 1 — they are considered off-chain transactions and are submitted to the Layer 2 nodes for validation; the node operators then pin or anchor them to Layer 1 in batches, so the transactions can't be changed. What type of Layer 2 Solutions are there? The process of gathering and submitting transactions defines the different types of Layer 2 solutions available — how, when, and what data is used determines what these solutions are. For example, some solutions called rollups gather multiple transactions into a single transaction, create a cryptographic proof of the transactions, and then submit this proof to Layer 1 as a record. Within rollup Layer 2 solutions there are a few iterations such as the Zero-Knowledge Rollups which...
continue reading FET Token $FET & ChatGPT | Blockchain Powered A.I. Machine Learning $FET Token | A.I. System Powered By Blockchain is an open access A.I. machine learning platform built on the blockchain and is tokenized with the FET token. This company is very powerful because it can integrate its machine-learning A.I. technology to existing business models the eliminate inefficiencies. Companies that need to integrate A.I. into their business model can use's platform easily. As a result, companies can adopt machine learning technology without large A.I. technology development investments. Fetch has done the hard work already and they have a platform that is easy to integrate to regular users and even ChatGPT. Fetch.AI Integration With ChatGPT... A.I. to the Next Level Humayun Sheikh, the CEO of Fetch.AI $FET re-tweeted a tweet by Reese Irish, the CEO of W3BT. Reese tweeted a conversation he had with ChatGPT about integrating Fetch.AI $FET with ChatGPT. Humayun re-tweeted the tweet about the Fetch.AI ChatGPT conversation on ChatGTP. What is Fetch AI $FET? Fetch AI (FET) is a cryptocurrency token that is used to power the Fetch AI network, which is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that aims to provide a self-executing, autonomous economic system. The Fetch AI network uses a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to enable the creation of digital representations of the physical world, called "digital twins," which can be used to simulate and optimize various economic systems. Fetch AI tokens can be used to pay for the use of the network's resources and services, and can also be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Can Fetch AI's self-executing, autonomous economic system integrate with Open AI's ChatGPT so users can execute actions with the ChatGPT interface? While I am not aware of any current integration between the Fetch AI network and the OpenAI's ChatGPT interface, it is possible that the two...
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NYC’s NASDAQ January 2020 Filmings | W3BT Clients
Karuschain (KRS) | DACX | GCN (CALL) | SoMee (ONG) | OkGlobal SWITCH (OKGS) | Universe Coin (UNIS)   Karuschain (KRS) filmed Monday, Jan 6th at the NASDAQ Market site with their CEO- Richard Verkley & CFO- Robert van der Zalmb.  Their interviews focus on an “Age-Old Industry” now equipped with “New Age Tech.” Karuschain speaks to” Exploring The Block’s” audience about “how and why” its private blockchain technology platform provides the compliance solution the mining of the precious metal industry.  With a dedicated team of experts having over 270 years of combined experience in both the mining of the precious metal and blockchain fields, Karuschain provides a powerful tool to safeguard human rights, reduce risks and improve environmental regulations in their supply chain, Digital Assets and Commodity (DACX) filmed in December and films again this Monday, January 13, 2020. Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange leverages artificial intelligence and high performance computing technology, optimized towards providing an efficient, secure and compliant marketplace with product solutions for both institutional grade and retail clientele. They emphasize their blockchain business on the fractionalization of all forms of assets and commodities via tokenization to bring more opportunities for inclusion for all types of investors; which in turn adds further liquidity to these traditional markets SoMee (ONG) filmed their first interview December 30, 2019 at the NYSE, and broadcasted this past Sunday on KRON-T.V., - SOMEE.Social’s blockchain, social dashboard, that provides ease of control for both central-decentralized social media networks.  It supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards, Global Crypto Alliance’s (CALL) blockchain developer and head of GCSecurity, built CALL which is the very first ERC777-based, multi-utility token ever deployed on the Ethereum Network.  It represents a huge leap forward in smart contract technology, by way of Ethereum’s progressive ERC777 protocol (most likely to supersede ERC20), and features “Batch Transfer Capability.” Packed...
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Convert ERC-20 to ERC-777 Tokens | The ERC-777 Transition
Make The Transition And Learn How To Convert ERC-20 Tokens To The ERC-777 Protocol Make the EC-20 to ERC-777 token conversion to stay up to date during the blockchain transition phase of the world. Many companies have created ERC-20 tokens to be a part of the new age of blockchain. It's great! There are many ERC protocols: ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-1400, ERC-1401. They all have their place but one will replace the other. The ERC-777 is an improvement on the ERC-20. Don't worry though ERC-20 companies, you can convert your ERC-20 to a ERC-777. Make The ERC-20 To ERC-777 Transition To Stay Up To Date The ERC-777 token operates just like an ERC-20 token. It is basically an updated version of the ERC-20. Make the transition for the following reasons: Dramatically reduce the coin loss bug that ERC-20's experience. Reduce the amount of friction that occurs during trading on the Ethereum network. Increase security of you token economy. Increase the amount of information each token can store or transfer. Send customized smart contract functions for personalized transactions. Enjoy all of the benefits of an ERC-20 but without any of the current issues. Everyone knows 777 is a lucky number! ;). Just like anything else there will always be improvements. We do not use 8 tracks any more and almost no one is using ipods anymore. Tube TV's are a thing of the past and everyone now has 4K flat screens. ERC-20 tokens will be replaced by the ERC-777 token protocol because it does all the same things the ERC-20 does but better in every way. We offer consultation on the ERC-777 transition and would be happy to walk you though the process. It will take some work but just like anything worth doing it is worth the time. Learn more...
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NASDAQ NYC’s Dec. 2019 Filming For 2020 T.V. Broadcast | W3BT Clients
Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) | Somee Social (ONG) | EzyStayz (EZT) | Digital Assets & Commodity Exchange (DACX) W3BT & FMW Media Works is proud to announce our Dec. 2019 NASDAQ filming line up for 2020's T.V. Broadcast. The content will be featured on KRON, FOX Business, Bloomberg ISUN Asia and more. We are proud to feature them on our blockchain TV show "Exploring The Block". The only blockchain TV show that is aired on FOX Business and Bloomberg. Featured Companies & Tokens Digital Assets & Commodity Exchange (DACX) - - Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange leverages A.I. to optimize an efficient & secure marketplace. DACX let's you exchange various crypto currencies for commodities like gold, silver etc... Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) - - GCSecurity built the very first ERC777-based, multi-utility token. There is a lot of buzz going around that ERC 777's will be replaceing ERC 20's. The prediction is ERC 20 tokens will be converting to ERC 777's. GCA is also in the process of revolutionnizing how news will be published online and how writers will be getting paid. SoMee Social (ONG) - - SOMEE.Social is a blockchain based social media platform that rewards it's users and influences with their ERC 20 token (ONG). They are taking back the freedom on non-censorship principalities that mainstream social media platforms have taken away. EzyStayz (EZT)  - - a holiday room and board rental market place powered by the blockchain that rewards their clients 25% discounts for using their tokens. This giving their token (EZT) a real life value that will do great on the exchanges. Read more about this exciting news on our Global Press Release.
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