About W3BT

Who We Are

Reese Irish is CEO & Founder of W3BT. He is also the Business Development Administrator & Coordinator at FMW Media Works.

FMW Media Works is the umbrella for the only blockchain show that is aired on FOX Business and Bloomberg called: “Exploring The Block”.

W3BT’s media admin team includes Vince Caruso; W3BT’s Chief Marketing Advisor & Stephan Simon; W3BT’s Chief Administration Advisor.

Vince is the Executive Producer of “Exploring The Block” & “New To The Street”. Stephen Simon is the Producer of “Exploring The Block” & “New To The Street”.

Chris is the Founder of Black Tier Solutions and is a blockchain development specialist at XinFin.

Black Tier & XinFin provides W3BT a large pool of experienced blockchain developers to help you tokenize your operations and organization.

What We Do & Why It’s Valuable To You


W3BT will transition your business or organization’s business model into the emerging blockchain technology (web 3.0). This is the process we call “tokenization”. Learn more here.

List On Exchanges

Once your token developed we can get you listed on token exchanges so the public can buy, sell and exchange your token for fiat value in the market.

Tokenized companies will become the disruptors of the future through the utilization of the decentralized infrastructure of the blockchain. Learn more here

TV Marketing

We provide TV Marketing services for tokenized companies you cannot get anywhere else. We broadcast tokenized companies on FMW’s entire T.V. network.

We showcase your business and token technology on the TV show called “Exploring The Block”. Exploring The Block is the only blockchain focused TV show FOX Business and Bloomberg airs on their networks every month.

Our media resources have a potential reach of 2 Billion people. We will show you how to leverage this resource and take your business and token to the next level. Learn more here.

Our Team

Combination Of Unity, Strength & Experience

3io Team Member Reese Irish AKA Beezy Weezy

Founder of W3BT and the Business Development and Coordinator of FMW Media Works.

Reese Irish aka Beezy
Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Black Tier Solutions and blockchain development specialist at XinFin.

Christopher Neill
CEO Of Black Tier Solutions
3io Team Member Vince Caruso

President of FMW Media Works. Executive Producer of “New To The Street” and “Exploring The Block”.

Vincer Caruso
Chief Marketing Advisor

CSO of W3BT & blockchain enthusiast that understands why blockchain is crucial for positive global change.

Troy Cline
Chief Sales Officer
3io Team Member Stephen Simon

Vice President of FMW Media Works. Producer of “New To The Street” and “Exploring The Block”.

Stephen Simon
Chief Administration Advisor