W3BT Tokenization

Create Your Own Token Economy and Increase Efficiency & Security


W3BT will conduct a consultation with the company’s leadership to determine the needs and use cases.

Integration Planning

We will map out a strategy to integrate blockchain into the assets of the business.

Token Creation

We generate blockhain protocols on a various range of networks, such as; Ethereum, Polygon, XinFin, Binance Smarct Chain, Cosmos & other blockchains to implement decentralization to specific processes within your business infrastructure.

Secure Digital Assets

W3BT builds secure blockchain systems that keep your assets and information from being manipulated.

Token Economics Inside The Company

What Is The Utility Of Your Token Going To Be?

A token economy is a based around the usage of the token, but evidenced by how the token supply is allocated and incentivized is how it becomes valuable.

Each company is unique. W3BT evaluates each area of your business to determine the best course of action to determine your utility of the token and how it will become integrated. 

W3BT & partners offer exclusive protocols that are compatible with ISO-8583, ISO-20022, SWIFT MT (7775 +15022), BACS and FpML messaging platforms and can integrate smoothly into your company’s business systems, saving you thousands of dollars without having to build a custom platform.

To make the Ethereum blockchain network as an example we can create and implement many different protocols such as ERC-20, ERC-777, ERC-223, ERC-721 ERC-820 and other token protocols. Other blockchain networks we build on are Cosmos, Polygon (Matic), Binance Smart Chain, Solana and many other popular blockchains and popular protocols on each given blockchain.

We also build networks and protocols on XinFin’s blockchain, an enterprise-level global blockchain designed for De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) and legacy finance operations that want to decentralize on Web 3.0. Furthermore, we can build your very own blockchain network as a stand-alone decentralized Web 3.0 network instead of building on top of one of the existing blockchains above.

Substantial Rewards For Being A Front-Runner

Blockchain Technology & Tokenization Is The Future Internet & Economic System

Front-Runner? How?

When computers were released most people did not realize their full potential. But now everyone must have one to function in society.

When email (web 1.0) became popular it eventually replaced the need for fax machines.

Nobody thought they would be using smart phones with tiny screens to live out their social lives and shop online. But here we are, web 2.0 companies like Facebook and Amazon are the top earners in the US economy.

Web 2.0 Problem

Web 2.0’s centralized infrastructure was designed for file sharing and transferring information. It’s entire foundation is vulnerable by design. Once the centralized sever is compromised so is its valuable information.

Everyone knows deep down that entering the endless passwords, mother’s maiden names and social security numbers is cumbersome and in the long term is not sustainable for managing sensitive information in our ever increasing technological world.

Web 3.0 Solution

Web 3.0’s decentralized technology (the blockchain) will dramatically effect all businesses and people world wide positively because of it’s secure nature. Blockchain technology is the simultaneous emergence of the next generation internet and economic system.

Disruptors who adopt blockchain technology now will be the key players of the future. They will be the ones who have real influence for the remainder of the 21st century and beyond.

Partnerships & Alliances

W3BT’s Blockchain Consultation & Development Partners