What is The Pi Network? | Is Pi Legit? | Is Pi Valuable? | Is Pi a Scam?

Pi Network

Pi Network

What Is The Pi Network?

The Pi Network is a blockchain-based digital currency platform developed by Stanford PhDs.

There are currently over 7 million users (miners) that earn (mine) the Pi coins/tokens on their smartphones free of cost, free of privacy infringement and close to zero CPU, data & battery usage. 

Pi coins/tokens are believed to have significant, real-life monetary value in the near future.

Is Pi Legit Or A Scam?

When I first heard about Pi I thought it was some sort of privacy scam.

I didn’t understand it.

It seemed like another app that I would never use. I thought it was a waste of time, mobile data and battery life.

As a result, I didn’t participate.

Months later… My friend who works at the grocery store told me that Pi is valuable similar to how Bitcoin is valuable.

Once I understood it, I immediately started kicking myself.

I felt like I totally missed out on a ground-level opportunity because you can only earn Pi for a very limited time, and will have to buy Pi coins/tokens on the market like other stocks and cryptocurrencies.

I went to my car in the grocery store parking lot to start mining Pi on my phone.

As I went through the process I realized I couldn’t start mining because I didn’t have an invitation code.

I was locked out and couldn’t even join the Pi Network.

I had to go back inside the grocery store to ask my friend for the invitation code to join and earn.

If I started mining Pi the first time I heard about it I would have way more Pi coins today.

How Do I Earn (Mine) Pi For Free?

Step 1: Get invited to join Pi. (Consider this your invitation).

Step 2: Download the official “Pi Network” App on the Play Store for Android or the iOS store for Apple.

Step 3: Go through the setup prompts and use the following invitation code: W3BT

Step 4: Verify your phone number so you don’t lose the Pi Coins you accumulate.

Step 5: Mine Pi all day by pressing the button once every 24 hrs. That’s it!

Does Mining Pi Rob My Privacy, CPU, Data Usage and/or Battery Life?

Mining Pi uses almost zero CPU Power, Data or Battery life.

Pi does not violate your privacy in any way. In fact, that is one of the reasons why the “Pi Network” is so successful & growing so quickly.

Do I Need To Spend Any Money To Earn Pi?

No. For a limited time, you can mine Pi from your phone for free.

There is no risk, no cost, no obligations, no credit card…Nothing.

How Is Pi Valuable? How Much Is It Worth?

It’s valuable the same way Bitcoin is valuable but in a more personable and practical way that involves more humans and less computer machines.

Bitcoin is revolutionary because it is a decentralized network, while companies like Facebook are able to control private information & data because it is a centralized network.

Bitcoin is a decentralized network of CPU’s.

Pi is a decentralized, phone number verified network of humans and machines… Very powerful.

As a result, Pi has the potential to be more impactful in the future because larger populations of people are involved.


Projected Pi Worth

Pi tokens will be bought and sold on the market and eventually will not be able to be mined for free the way it can be now.

Some speculate that Pi will be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world once the mass adoption of blockchain technology occurs.

In its current infancy stage, some experts say 1 Pi = $1.00-$5.00 USD.

Drop-Down Click Here To Learn What Mining Is

Read “Pi Network’s” White Paper To Learn About Its Value.

Good news. Although Pi is not available for trading, buying or selling on the market yet…

Pi (IOU) On CoinStats.app has Pi’s current value at $0.33 USD.

 Download the official Pi “Network” App on the Play Store for Android or the iOS Store for Apple.

Copy-paste the Invite Code: W3BT

Enter the code at the setup prompt & start mining immediately.

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