How To Get Involved With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies | Beginner’s Guide #2

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How To Get Involved With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

How To Get Involved With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies For GAINS

Beginner’s Guide #2: Earn Crypto With No Investments, Find Crypto Exchanges, Trade Crypto, & Trend Watch

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If you follow each step below and start implementing them, you will see success.

Now that you have Coinbase and/or eToro from Beginner’s Guide #1 it’s time to make those investments work for you.

Some cryptocurrencies are pennies on the dollar right now, but not for long.

By the time you finish Step #3, you will know the types of tokens to buy that have a high probability of doubling, tripling or even 10X’ing in the near future.

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Earn crypto with no investments- earn by getting likes & from platform usage.
  • Step 2: Find trusted crypto exchanges- buy, sell, and exchange almost any cryptocurrency.
  • Step 3: Follow trends to profit- follow @realW3BT on Twitter to stay ahead of the trading trends.
  • Step 4: Trade crypto properly- learn how cryptocurrencies are paired.

Pi Network and SoMee are two platforms you can earn crypto effortlessly by simply being a part of their network.

1.) SoMee Social is a great place to earn crypto with no money from your pocket.

You earn by getting likes.

This is like the Facebook of the Blockchain world minus the privacy issues.

You also get a free crypto wallet.

Look how much I earned, and learn how you can earn on SoMee here.

You can use this special link to sign up for free and get a booster pack found in your SoMee wallet section.

SoMee-Social-ONG-Token How to get involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies

When you are active on this platform now you will see large gains in the future.

2.) Pi Network allows you to mine their currency for free on your phone.

It does not violate privacy, take up battery life, and only uses a very small amount of data.

Learn what mining is and how you can start earning Pi here.

W3BT-Pi-Network How to get involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The exchanges below can be used by US Citizens.

The exchanges below all work pretty much the same and are widely trusted in the blockchain world.

The reason I do not give much info on each exchange below because I would be repeating myself over and over again.

Step #4 will show you how to use all of them in one swoop.

When you get at least the 1st 3 exchanges in the list below, you will have access to a great number of cryptocurrencies where you can find great opportunities explained in detail in Step #3.

US Citizens Can Signup For The Following Exchanges For Free With The Links Below:

The reason I am exposing you to different exchanges is because not all cryptocurrencies are on every exchange.

You can find specific cryptocurrencies that are pennies on the dollar on those exchanges.

Meaning you can spend $2K on a currency that is only $.01, now you got 200,000 tokens/coins. If the price goes to $.02-$.03 you doubled or tripled your investment.

I’ve seen tokens go from $.02 and peak out at $.20 then correct back down to $.08 after getting on TV to +250M households.

You can follow trends and buy certain tokens that have scheduled TV broadcasts.

This brings us to step #3.

If you go to the homepage of this site you will see we offer TV Marketing to blockchain/crypto companies.

Interviews are conducted by NASDAQ anchors and broadcast on:

  • Newsmax
  • FOX Business
  • Bloomberg
  • KRON4
  • and more…

This is a +250M household reach.

We have seen stock and cryptocurrency prices double, triple and even go up 900% after getting on TV.

We (law abidingly) post all of the upcoming broadcast dates for each company on Twitter @realW3BT

Be ahead of the buying trends by following our Twitter.

Example Tweet:

Go ahead and finish up Beginner’s Guide #1 and Steps 1-3 above.

Come back soon for the information I am writing for Step 4.

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