TV Marketing

For Blockchain Companies & Cryptocurrencies

Although blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption is booming, people still do not know what is available to them. 

Consequently, TV Marketing is crucial for blockchain companies during this global economic transition.

Get Interviewed By NASDAQ Anchors From NYC MarketSite And Be Broadcasted On:

  • FOX Business: (95 M households)
  • Bloomberg (U.S. & International): (549 M households)
  • iSUN Asia: (24 M households)
  • Cumulus Media: (245 M households)
  • ionTV: (100 M households)
  • Cultura Colectiva: (81 M households)
  • KRON4: (2.7 M households)
  • and other media outlets….

This is a combined potential reach of almost 1B households.

A regular consistent reach of +250 Million households.

Our TV Exposure Has Helped Boost Blockchain Companies’:

  • Investor Relations
  • Daily trade volume (+632%)
  • Market cap (+731%)
  • Token price (+901%)
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Case Study

Fetch.ai (FET)

Artificial Intelligence for Blockchains

Fetch.ai is building an open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network to enable smart infrastructure built around a decentralized digital economy.

This Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab, is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, that enables secure sharing, connection and transactions based on any data globally.

Fetch.ai’s network is based around an open-source technology that any user can run to connect to the network, giving access to the power of AI on a world-scale secure dataset, to carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy.

Yahoo Finance Press Release We Published For Fetch.ai (FET)

Our TV Marketing Affect On Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai signed with us to do a 6 part series on May 23rd, 2020.

We broadcast their 1st interview on KRON4 July 5th, 2020, and on FOX Business on July 20th, 2020. After those broadcasts, their market dramatically improved.

In August 2020 they also aired on Bloomberg and FOX Business again.

Fetch AI (FET)’s CoinMarketCap

Market Cap (+582%):

May 23rd 2020: $14,283,346 

August 24th 2020: $97,464,542

Token Price (+563%):

May 23rd 2020: $0.019

August 24th 2020: $.126

24 Hour Trade Volume (+1,812%):

May 23rd 2020: $3,208,090

August 18th 2020 they peaked @: $61,352,754

Note: Even after the KuCoin Hack in September 2020, our TV marketing more than doubled the price of $FET.

15.9million FET tokens were stolen from the KuCoin exchange wallets, which represents around 1.3% of the fully diluted supply of FET tokens. Learn more about the Kucoin hack here.

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Fetch.ai Zoom Interview
Fetch Case Study Chart
Fetch FET Chart

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