W3BT TV Marketing
For Tokenized Companies

Let The World Know About Your Company And Your Token

Get broadcasted on FMW’s entire T.V. network. We have a potential reach of over 1.146 Billion People and a consistent, solid reach of +225 Million People worldwide.

This reach is very targeted and powerful because you choose what countries and networks you are broadcasted on.

We have the ability to dramatically increase your:

  • Investor Relations
  • Daily trade volume (+632%)
  • Market cap (+731%)
  • Token price (+901%)

These numbers are modest, see our recent TV Marketing Case Studies for more impressive statistics.

We are the only ones who offer this level of exposure to blockchain companies. Furthermore, we are willing to receiving company token as a form of payment.

Win-win for everyone.

We are not a PR company who says; “You might get on TV”. We iron-clad guarantee you air time because we have film & broadcast time on the following networks:

  • NASDAQ NYC: (50 M households)
  • FOX Business: (95 M households)
  • Bloomberg (U.S. & International): (549 M households)
  • iSUN Asia: (24 M households)
  • Cumulus Media: (245 M households)
  • ionTV: (100 M households)
  • Cultura Colectiva: (81 M households)
  • KRON4: (2.7 M households)
  • and other media outlets….

Companies highlight your success and token technology updates.

Our audience of institutional investors, the general public and business professionals make a significant impact on markets.

Reese Irish aka Beezy at the NASDAQ
ONG SoMee Christopher Kramer @NASDAQ

Our Media Reach

Nasdaq 50M Housholds
ion Television 100M Housholds
Bloomberg 120M Housholds
FOX Business 95M Housholds
Cumulus Media 245M Housholds
Cultura Colectiva 81M Housholds
KRON 4 2.7M Housholds
iSUN Asia 24M Housholds
Get Serious Investors Involved In Your IEO World Wide

Market Your Token To 100's Of Millions Of Households

Our TV show “Exploring The Block” is the only Blockchain focused TV show that is broadcasted on Newsmax, FOX Business and Bloomberg.

What we do is have NASDAQ anchors interview blockchain companies’ leadership and then broadcast the interview on FMW’s entire TV Network: Newsmax, FOX Business, Bloomberg, Cultura Colectiva, ionTV, Cumulus Media and iSUN Asia for a combined potential reach of 1-2 Billion people world wide (consistent +250 million person reach).

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Get Broadcasted On FMW’s Entire T.V. Network

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