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Native Coin (N8V)

Native Coin (N8V)

NativeCoin (N8V) – – Native Coin will be used by Tribal businesses, enterprises, gaming, sports betting, and Tribal ecosystems worldwide to support daily financial transactions. There are over 560 Native American Tribes and 460 Native run casinos in the United States. Twitter Post

We released Native Coin’s 1st press release Dec 2nd 2019. We broadcast them on KRON and between Dec 2nd 2019 and Feb 19th 2020 their market dramatically increased.

NativeCoin’s (N8V) CoinMarketCap

Market Cap (+457%):

Dec 2nd 2019: $1,038,471 | Feb 19th 2020: $4,746,098

Token Price (+500%):

Dec 2nd 2019: $0.04 | Feb 19th 2020: $0.20

24 Hour Trade Volume (+161%):

Dec 2nd 2019: $49,078 | Feb 19th 2020: $79,242

Native Coin N8V

SoMee (ONG)

SoMee.Social’s (ONG) Token

SoMee (ONG)- Https:// is an up and coming social medial platform built on a blockchain infrastructure. User profiles include an ERC-20 wallet where they can use ONG1 tokens to increase their influence on the social network and advertising. 

They signed with us a 12 part series on Nov. 19th 2019 and filmed in New York before COVID-19 the ONG token price was $.005131, the 24-hour trade volume was $631.65 and their market cap was $283,029.

After about 7 months they completed crucial business developments and early July 2020 we release a Yahoo Finance Press Release to announce their broadcast July 20th 2020 on FOX Business. Video. After that their market increased and became very healthy.

SoMee Social’s (ONG) CoinMarketCap

Market Cap (+143,507%):

Dec 29th 2019: $632 | July 21st 2020: $907,596

Token Price (+2,300%):

Dec 29th 2019: $0.005 | July 21st 2020: $0.12

24 Hour Trade Volume (+3,668%):

Dec 29th 2019: $283,029 | July 21st 2020: $10,664,446

ONG SoMee Christopher Kramer @NASDAQ
ONG SoMee Social CoinMarketCap (FET)

Fetch (FET) (FET) – – “ is at the forefront of accelerating research and deployment of emerging technologies, including blockchain and AI. Its solutions are designed for people, organizations, and IoT. The project has created an Open Economic Framework (OEF) that serves as a decentralized search and a value exchange platform for various autonomous economic agents. Supported by a scalable smart ledger, has digital intelligence at its heart, enabling it to deliver actionable predictions and instant trust information to billions of smart devices.” Yahoo Finance Press Release

We singed to do a 6 part series on May 23rd, 2020. We broadcast their 1st interview on KRON and July 5th, 2020 and on FOX Business July 20th and after that, their market dramatically improved. Through August 2020 they aried on Bloomberg and FOX Business as well.

EVEN WITH COVID-19 NASDAQ ZOOM INTERVIEWS Fetch (FET) still saw tremendous results!!!

Fetch AI (FET)’s CoinMarketCap

Market Cap (+582%):

May 23rd 2020: $14,283,346 | August 24th 2020: $97,464,542

Token Price (+563%):

May 23rd 2020: $0.019 | August 24th 2020: $.126

24 Hour Trade Volume (+1,812%):

May 23rd 2020: $3,208,090 | August 18th 2020 Peaked @: $61,352,754 Zoom Interview NASDAQ Zoom Interview

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