How To Get Started With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies | Beginner’s Guide #1


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Beginner’s Guide #1: How To Get Started With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies For GAINS

Note: I no longer use Nexo because Nexo users do not have possession of their private keys.

Please Skip Step #2

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Hello! My name is Reese Irish, CEO of W3BT. I wrote this article to fully equip you to build wealth with crypto safely.

As you’re being equipped by going through the Steps below you will also make an immediate ~10% return on investment, earn 5%-12% daily compound interest on your crypto holdings, and get 6% back on every car, rent, & mortgage payment (if your lender allows debit cards to make payments) by using a crypto funded Visa Debit Card.

For real.

These are very powerful financial tools to help you build your wealth for the short and long term.

We live in a brief window of time where you can earn big time with blockchain/crypto and the tools below are a “must-have” to get involved.

With all of the uncertainties about inflation and the extra printing of USD, it’s important to diversify with Gold/Silver (free guide) and Cryptocurrencies.

This article will get you on the right track and ahead of the curve in the crypto/blockchain world.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section below.

How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Adopt Blockchain & Crypto?

Which Companies Do I Need To Get Involved With?

It’s simple, follow the 4 steps below (skip Step #2) and view the yellow price ticker running at the bottom of the screen as a reference to the cryptocurrencies I invest in & have interest in. 

You will need a bare minimum of $310 initial investment in order to get the immediate ~10% return as promised at the beginning of the article.

Note: If you are using PayPal and/or RobinHood for crypto you don’t have actual possession of cryptocurrency thus you cannot see the gains as shown in “The Steps”.

You may need to sell your crypto for cash and then buy your crypto again on Coinbase (Seen in Step #1) because you cannot send and receive actual crypto on RobinHood or PayPal.

Follow Each Step One At A Time In Consecutive Order

Step #1: Use this special link to Coinbase and buy $310 in Bitcoin (BTC) earn $10.

It will take a few business days for your BTC to become available for sending, so make sure you go through Step #2 and Step #3 NOW so you will be ready.

Step #2: Sign up with this special link for Nexo‘s Crypto Savings Account and earn another $10 when you send $100 from the $310 BTC on Coinbase.

You will now start automatically earning 5%-12% daily compound interest on the $100 of BTC. 

Step #3: Sign up with this special link for the Blockcard for another $10 when you load $100 to the card from the $310 BTC on Coinbase.

Review the “rewards” section on how to get 6% back on all Visa Card purchases. Even Rent, Mortgage & Car payments.



Now you have a Crypto-Funded Visa Debit Card that enables you to get 6% back on large consistent payments (car, rent, mortgage), a Crypto Savings Account that pays daily compound interest and access to the most trusted USA Crypto Exchange.

Don’t forget your wallet in Step #4!

You don’t absolutely need a wallet that right now.

It’s time to go to Guide #2  to learn how to earn crypto with little to no investment and how to use other crypto exchanges.

To begin with, you need a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for Fiat (USD).

For US Citizens I recommend eToro and/or Coinbase because they allow you to go back and forth from fiat and crypto and crypto to fiat on all the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Both are good but I prefer Coinbase, because you can send your crypto to 3rd party interest-rewarding savings accounts.

1.) Coinbase is the best place for US citizens to Buy and Sell Crypto because it does what eToro does,  it’s insured, AND it allows you to send your cryptocurrencies to other accounts (for Step #2 & Step #3).

When you register for Coinbase they give you $5 in Bitcoin (BTC) for free. 

But when you use the special link below you will get $10 in Free Bitcoin when purchasing +$100 in BTC.

In order to complete Step #2 and Step #3 you need to get at least $310 in BTC.

It will take a few business days for your $310 in BTC to become available for sending away from Coinbase, so make sure you go through Step #2 and Step #3 NOW so you will be ready.

Sign up for free with this special link and get $10 USD worth of Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase. (Step #1: buy at least $310 in BTC)

The problem with Coinbase is you can’t earn interest on your balances. As a result, you need an interest-earning savings account. Seen in Step #2.

2.) eToro is also a great place to buy and sell crypto with and for fiat currencies.

You can manage your portfolio and exchange/trade between different currencies.

Moreover, you can follow professional traders and set your trading account to trade when they do and see large returns.

Furthermore, they have a great community.

You can use this special link to sign up for free and get $50 free upon signup with eToro.


The only problem with eToro is you can’t send your cryptocurrencies to other accounts.

You can only buy and sell crypto back to fiat (USD).

As a result, eToro won’t enable you to go to Step #2.

Now that you have purchased at least $310 in crypto on Coinbase it’s time to earn 2%-16% daily/weekly compound interest on your investment(s). Different currencies yield different interst reward rates.

For US citizens, Nexo is my favorite because it’s insured and pays me 8% daily compound interest on my portfolio.

Nexo is the only insured crypto savings account that pays 5%-12% daily compound interest on your balances. You can withdraw at anytime, no lock-ups.

Furthermore, they have hi-tech security, it also has a $100M custodial insurance policy. As a result, Nexo is an extremely safe, interest-rewarding crypto savings account.

 Click this special link and create a free account with Nexo and send a minimum of $100 for a $10 reward start earning at a minimum of 5% daily compound interest on your crypto.  (Step #2 Send $100 in BTC to your Nexo from your $310 in BTC from Coinbase)

Nexo also has a credit card coming soon. You can get on the waitlists here. Also, this credit card gives you a credit line limit based on the balances in your NEXO savings account.

For everyday debit card usage to spend your crypto practically anywhere, US citizens can use the Blockcard debit card or the debit card.

There are many options out there but these 2 are worth your trust. 

I prefer Blockcard because it’s much easier to earn consistent cashback rewards.

1.) Blockcard is better because you can get up to 6.38% back on all of your purchases. (Once signed up see “Rewards” section to set up 6% rewards by locking 140,000 $TERN tokens ($1,300 to $1,500) on the Blockcard).

It may sound like a lot but you can literally earn 6% back on every single rent, car, or mortgage payment if you use this card, I love it! It is extremely powerful.

6% back might be higher than you your mortgage’s interest rate!

Sign up with this special link to sign up for free and load at least $100 to your Blockcard get $10 extra added to your balance. (Step #3 Send $100 in BTC to your Blockcard from your $310 in BTC from Coinbase)


I really like this card and have the option to use it for daily life: groceries, gas, coffee, and everything else you can buy with a Visa debit card.

But I recommend using it for larger purchases above $100 because there are transaction fees. But you get 6% back. I use it, and it works.

It works flawlessly!

2.) is a trustworthy crypto debit card and has a lot of interesting reward features plus 1%-8% crypto back rewards on purchases.

Sign up with this special link to get $25 when you sign up for the Ruby Steel Card by loading it with 2,500 CRO tokens/coins. 

Crypto Card

The problem with the debit card is you have to buy a lot of (CRO) tokens/coin to get rewards.

Moreover, in order to get 5% back on your purchases, you need to have about $15,000 worth of $CRO (250,000 $CRO) in your account.

Compared to the Blockcard you only need $1,300 to $1,500 worth in $TERN to get 6% back.

There are many crypto wallets out there. The most secure and versatile one is Ledger. Another one I like is MetaMask.

Ledger supports Bitcoin (BTC), Etereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) & many other major currencies, plus altcoins/tokens on the Ethereum network.

MetaMask is a free Ethereum (ETH) wallet that also supports all of the alt coins (tokens) on the Ethereum network. But does not have a Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) or other major currencies.

FYI most cryptocurrencies are on the Ethereum network aka ERC-20 tokens.


For Ledger, I recommend getting the backup pack (image below). It comes with 2 Ledger devices at a fraction of the cost.

You can either use the 2 devices for separate accounts or use them to back each other up for increased security.

Ledger is a cold storage wallet. What that means is it’s impossible to hack and move funds unless you have the device connected to your computer.

Buy with this special link and get the discounted deal on the Backup Pack you see below.

How To Get Started With Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Also sold separately here.



Conclusion: Your Current Finances & Why Adopting Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies Is Important

That’s it for Guide #1! Thank you for learning how to get involved with blockchain & cryptocurrencies.

Proceed to Guide #2 to learn how to earn crypto investment free, and learn to buy, sell, hold, and exchange virtually any cryptocurrency known to man for large profits.

If you completed the steps above you are already ahead of most people.

Before you went through the steps above you most likely only had a traditional bank account that has a savings account and a checking account, or multiple of each.

Your traditional bank is centralized, using web 2.0 digital ledgers which does not have the safety, security and value integrity decentralized blockchain technology has.

Traditional Banks use digital ledgers that are not backed up by immutable time-stamped, unalterable web 3.0 decentralized digital ledger systems and cryptocurrencies.

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