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Karuschain (KRS) filmed Monday, Jan 6th at the NASDAQ Market site with their CEO- Richard Verkley & CFO- Robert van der Zalmb.  Their interviews focus on an “Age-Old Industry” now equipped with “New Age Tech.” Karuschain speaks to” Exploring The Block’s” audience about “how and why” its private blockchain technology platform provides the compliance solution the mining of the precious metal industry.  With a dedicated team of experts having over 270 years of combined experience in both the mining of the precious metal and blockchain fields, Karuschain provides a powerful tool to safeguard human rights, reduce risks and improve environmental regulations in their supply chain,

Digital Assets and Commodity (DACX) filmed in December and films again this Monday, January 13, 2020. Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange leverages artificial intelligence and high performance computing technology, optimized towards providing an efficient, secure and compliant marketplace with product solutions for both institutional grade and retail clientele. They emphasize their blockchain business on the fractionalization of all forms of assets and commodities via tokenization to bring more opportunities for inclusion for all types of investors; which in turn adds further liquidity to these traditional markets

SoMee (ONG) filmed their first interview December 30, 2019 at the NYSE, and broadcasted this past Sunday on KRON-T.V.,  SOMEE.Social’s blockchain, social dashboard, that provides ease of control for both central-decentralized social media networks.  It supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards,

Global Crypto Alliance’s (CALL) blockchain developer and head of GCSecurity, built CALL which is the very first ERC777-based, multi-utility token ever deployed on the Ethereum Network.  It represents a huge leap forward in smart contract technology, by way of Ethereum’s progressive ERC777 protocol (most likely to supersede ERC20), and features “Batch Transfer Capability.” Packed full of unique & enhanced functionalities, CALL token can leverage both inside and outside the GCNews ecosystem, facilitating voting competitions in conjunction with several partner entities and expanding into applications such as rental applications. CALL’s unique capabilities, for example within, its smart contracts can unlock smart locks for clients like AirBnB, by merely sending ’CALL’ tokens to it,

OKGlobal Coin (OKGS) is pleased to announce the Security Token Offering launch of its participant owned financial services and investment
platform. "The Money Project" by OkGlobal Coin & SWITCH: The first registered, regulated and compliant international blockchain project of its kind aimed at the complete disruption and takeover of banking, finance, exchange and payment processing via a living reactive decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. A living DAO that operates globally to replace faith based problematic fiat
currency and bring back the use of real "money" which holds an intrinsic value backed and guaranteed by assets and investments, that will rise in value to beat inflation rates and be used globally without threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation. The business/profit model of OkGlobal Coin DAO can takeover and dominate any financial industry it enters due to the disruptive model of simply beating inflation rates in order to offer its participants "money" that is backed by real assets and increases in value to eliminate inflation loss. There are no known competitors with this model to date. “This is the first global cryptocurrency Security Token Offering to erase inflation and that is backed by real intrinsic value,” says company founder Han S. Kim. Go to to
find out more.

Universe Coin (UNIS), the Solution That Every Business Has Been Looking For Universe Coin is a Lisbon-based start-up whose project
aims to make cryptocurrency payments easy through an innovative payment system. Thus, among other things, the project includes
a mobile app for users and a Point of Sale terminal for online and physical businesses, as well as a wallet app, usable in both
physical stores and online shopping. Universe Coin will allow merchants around the world to sell products and services in fiat
currency, and buyers to pay for their purchases in cryptocurrency. The key point of this innovative project is that the merchant
receives proceeds in their local currency, even though the customer pays in cryptocurrency, as the payment system immediately
converts the amount to be received to the chosen currency. All this, quickly, simply, and completely free of charge to the merchant.
The great difference in their core business is the ease of cryptocurrency adoption for businesses. With Universe Coin, businesses
don’t need to adapt their billing and accounting systems. Legal and fiscal concerns are also no longer a factor as transactions are
effectively being made in fiat currency. The “Universe Coin” Wallet app is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
Early on in 2020, the start-up will release attractive affiliate and loyalty programs that are sure to get Universe Coin to the next level
and launch their UNIS token, now trading on p2pb2b. Trade UNIS now at Learn more at:

View the global press release here.

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