What Is The Blockchain And How Does It Work?
What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work? Blockchain technology (web 3.0) is a decentralized internet infrastructure. The current internet infrastructure (web 1.0 and web 2.0) is a centralized network. The decentralized blockchain network is much more secure than a centralized network because it cannot be hacked. The reason a decentralized network cannot be hacked is because all of the servers (nodes) on the network verify the content against one another within the network. (See image above) If one of the servers' info on the network does not match all of the servers, it's "block" of information is not accepted on the blockchain. In other words you would need to hack almost all of the servers on the network simultaneously to compromise the information. Why Is It Called "'Block'chain"? All of the servers on the network verify timestamped "blocks" of information. If all of the servers agree on the information on a given block it is timestamped and added to the "blockchain". You cannot change old blocks because each block builds upon one another. Each block is "chained" together with a mathematical fingerprint encryption called a "hash". As a result, information on a blockchain network it is very secure. New blocks are created and added to the blockchain as little as 5 seconds to 10 minutes. The Ethereum network adds new blocks every 15 seconds, where the Bitcoin network adds a new block every 10 minutes. Where Do Tokens Come From In A Blockchain Network? For each Blockchain System that is created there is a token with a fixed quantity created. Until the blockchain system is integrated or tied to a physical asset the tokens have no real-life value. Most tokens are built on Ethereum. Ethereum is a coin and the currencies built on Ethereum are called Tokens. The...
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Why Blockchain Is The Future | 10,000 Feet Up
Why Blockchain Is The Future | 10,000 Feet Up Blockchain technology (web 3.0) is the future because it is a decentralized model that has security as it's foundation. The current internet system (web 2.0) is a centralized model and it's foundation is information sharing. The current financial and commercial world has built it's infrastructure on top of an insecure centralized model (big data/big banks). Capitalism vs. Socialism Analogy Centralized power always seems to work for a season but eventually ends up being unsustainable for future growth and breeds corruption. That is why capitalism is more successful than socialism. In a capitalistic model; power, information and creativity is distributed to the people in a decentralized manner. In a socialist model; power and information is given to the leaders in a centralized manner and creativity is discouraged. Blockchain Technology Is Secure & It Enables The Decentralization Of Information & Currencies Everyone deep down knows how insecure the centralized system of web 1.0 & 2.0 are. The endless passwords, usernames mother's maiden names etc... Once that information is compromised there is no guarantee of security. That is why many financial and medical institutions have already moved sensitive information systems to a decentralized blockchain system. You will continue to see this blockchain transition within finical, medical and contractual systems. Progressively, you will continue to see  businesses tokenizing their current business models and assets. Businesses will continue to and create reward systems (currencies) that issue tokens that can be traded on the exchange. As a result, centralized banks and fiat currencies will be deregulated and monopolies will be dissolved. Consequently giving the power and influence back to the people and individual businesses. The Global Economy Is Currently Being Decentralized  Each industry and major enterprise is already developing blockchain systems and creating their own currencies based...
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W3BT: Web 3.0 Blockchain Transition
Revolutionize your industry by transitioning to blockchain technology. Here at W3BT we will upgrade your technological infrastructure to web 3.0 by helping integrating your current business model in to the blockchain. Though our Tokenization process you create your own token that can be bought sold, exchanged and listed on public exchanges. As a result, securing you place in the future of the cryptocosm, the simultaneous emergence of the new internet and global economic system. Moreover, with our TV Marketing resources we can film you on the NASDAQ Floor in NYC explain your token and have it aired across FMW's entire T.V. Network that includes: Bloomberg, Cultura Colectiva, FOX Business Network, Ion Television, KRON, iSUN Asia, Cumulus Media and others. This is a potential reach of 2 billion people. 
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