W3BT: Web 3.0 Blockchain Transition

Revolutionize your industry by transitioning to blockchain technology. Here at W3BT we will upgrade your technological infrastructure to web 3.0 by helping integrating your current business model in to the blockchain. Though our Tokenization process you create your own token that can be bought sold, exchanged and listed on public exchanges. As a result, securing you place in the future of the cryptocosm, the simultaneous emergence of the new internet and global economic system.

Moreover, with our TV Marketing resources we can film you on the NASDAQ Floor in NYC explain your token and have it aired across FMW’s entire T.V. Network that includes: Bloomberg, Cultura Colectiva, FOX Business Network, Ion Television, KRON, iSUN Asia, Cumulus Media and others. This is a potential reach of 2 billion people. 

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