NASDAQ NYC’s Dec. 2019 Filming For 2020 T.V. Broadcast | W3BT Clients


Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) | Somee Social (ONG) | EzyStayz (EZT) | Digital Assets & Commodity Exchange (DACX)

W3BT & FMW Media Works is proud to announce our Dec. 2019 NASDAQ filming line up for 2020’s T.V. Broadcast. The content will be featured on KRON, FOX Business, Bloomberg ISUN Asia and more. We are proud to feature them on our blockchain TV show “Exploring The Block”. The only blockchain TV show that is aired on FOX Business and Bloomberg.

Featured Companies & Tokens

Digital Assets & Commodity Exchange (DACX) – Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange leverages A.I. to optimize an efficient & secure marketplace. DACX let’s you exchange various crypto currencies for commodities like gold, silver etc…

Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) – GCSecurity built the very first ERC777-based, multi-utility token. There is a lot of buzz going around that ERC 777’s will be replaceing ERC 20’s. The prediction is ERC 20 tokens will be converting to ERC 777’s. GCA is also in the process of revolutionnizing how news will be published online and how writers will be getting paid.

SoMee Social (ONG) – SOMEE.Social is a blockchain based social media platform that rewards it’s users and influences with their ERC 20 token (ONG). They are taking back the freedom on non-censorship principalities that mainstream social media platforms have taken away.

EzyStayz (EZT)  – – a holiday room and board rental market place powered by the blockchain that rewards their clients 25% discounts for using their tokens. This giving their token (EZT) a real life value that will do great on the exchanges.

Read more about this exciting news on our Global Press Release.

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